When opening the site cloak immediately.

Tab Cloaker

Cloak the site with a icon and tab name.


Change the colors of Light to your liking so your eyes don't get mad at us.

Main Color


Dark / Light mode

Background Image

Change the site's background image.

Panic Key

Sets a key to press that redirects the page to a site of your choice. This also works in about:blank pages.


Change settings to enhance peformance within the proxy.
Hover over the name to see description.

Service worker Preloader

Search Engine

Customize the default search engine when browsing.

Proxy Service

Change the proxy backend service. Ultraviolet is the default proxy but others may load sites faster, or may support more sites. (This is in Beta so it may still have bugs.)


Advertisements help pay for our servers, get more links, and support our services and development team.
We recommend having both toggled, but if you do not like the evasiveness of the ads you can always toggle them off below.

Adsterra Ads

Google Ads


Version: 2.4.4

Last updated: May 6, 2024

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